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La Vita Events & Co. is made of event planning creatives with a variety of tools  and industry experience, that are ready to take on and elevate your special  day. We design, create and coordinate all of life’s important events. We strive to  be with you every step of the way, till the final celebratory clink of glasses. 

Emilia Chiappetta

Owner & Lead Planner

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A young professional who has been fortunate enough to gain experience in all types of events from corporate grand openings to theatre wine and cheese nights, but ultimately her favourite to plan and create has been weddings. Her background in theatre and media communications, allows her to approach all events in a very unique way, not only focusing on the logistical aspect of the planning process, but also focusing on creating an event that is creative and unique, like the couples that are being celebrated.  


She decided to team up with her family, to give couples an opportunity to have planners that understand all the challenges that come along when planning such an important day. 


Emilia holds the W.P.I.C. certification from the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada, the only professional association in Canada whose accreditations are recognized nationwide as a dependable source for providing wedding planning excellence.

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“As young girl growing up in an Italian household with a large family I would constantly be organizing birthdays, talent shows and movie nights for friends & family. This really nurtured my passion for planning and most importantly it made me fall in love with the feeling of making people happy and creating those unforgettable moments that people talk about in their later years and look back on fondly. My ultimate goal is to bring that same passion and heart to your special day.”

Emma Guagliani

Event Designer & Assistant Event Planner 

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The matriarch of La Vita Events & Co. 


Emma has over a decade of experience in décor and design. Growing up in Italy it was very easy for Emma to nurture her passion for beautiful things, this later translated into creating memorable designs and events. Her experience spans from floral creations, décor designs, staging and more. 


She brings her passion for the visual arts into her creative process when creating and planning events. She is meticulous and organized, but most importantly she taught Emilia & Elisa everything they know about throwing an amazing event and helped grow their passion which in turn created La Vita Events & Co.  

Elisa Chiappetta

Assistant Event Planner & MUA

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The youngest member of the team, but with a wealth of experience. By day she is educating the minds of the future CEOS and prime ministers of Canada and in the evening, she invests all her time in assisting couples through the challenges of planning their special day. 


Her experience in events started in corporate functions; everything from holiday parties to formal meetings. This quickly grew into a passion for assisting Emilia in larger events. She has worked with Emilia on some of the most logistically challenging events and always handles them effortlessly and with extreme confidence. 


Outside of her regular work, Elisa also has a background in cosmetics, she is always ready on the day of with her makeup kit to make sure you are feeling your best. The perfect sidekick for your special day. 

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